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Uncategorized Mar 13, 2019

Now I have some questions for you….does your website represent your brand?

Does it have too many colors?

Is it organized for the customers who land on your page know what they are reading first? then second? then third?

Are your photos clear? blurry? Do they represent your business? Will your audience think this is an appropriate photo for your website? Will it catch people’s attention?

So the website is started and now the phone keeps ringing, then all those meetings that are on your schedule… By the time you go back to work on it months has passed..having a hard time finishing it?

You are not the only one out there who has started a website and haven’t found the time to finish it! We can help. Call us and Yellow Dog Designs can get your website to where it should be in no time. We will make sure it represents your brand, your homepage will catch your clients attention and draw them into reading about your product!


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