Are You Designing Your Own Logo?

design logos Mar 22, 2019

So many people today are creating their own logos for their businesses.

When you are designing your logo yourself, did you ask your mom what she thinks?

Did she say, “Well honey I love it but I think it should have some green in it because that's my favorite color.”

Then did you go and ask your teenage daughter if she liked it? Her answer may have been “ I think it’s too lame, I would add a bitmoji.”

Then did you ask your husband what he thought?  What was his answer? “It looks good but maybe I would add an illustration to it.”

I know your favorite color is purple and you love unicorns, but a logo must represent your business. Reverse your role. Imagine you are the client...what are you looking for if you were shopping for this product?  Keep your family out of it. Ask your target market. Ask your ideal client what he/she thinks. Does the logo represent your business? Is it legible? Does it look good small...

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