Our first step is to meet  - whether it’s in person or on zoom. We will discuss what your business is, what you need, and your vision. I want to know who you are,  what your story is, and incorporate this into the design of your logo.

You will give me the name of your business, a tag line if you have one and any other relevant information to go with this. ie. if you have colors that you picked out, or if you absolutely hate a particular color etc. Now is the time to let me know. I want you to love your logo. 

I will design 3 options and you can choose one. If you would like it to be tweaked then we can do that as well.

Once you approve the logo, I will send you a high res tiff - for your printing materials, jpg for your digital needs, png - no background and this can be used digitally, and a high res pdf. I will also give you a reference for your logo - which lets you know the breakdown of the colors, typeface etc. so you can tie this into your marketing materials so it all looks unified.

Once the logo is done then I will design business card options for you. 2 sided four color business cards. you pick one front and back design and I will create a print ready mechanical. For printing, you can use or - which is more expensive and has some unique options for business cards. Moo is higher quality than Vistaprint.

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