The Mastiff Package

Package 3

Brand Board
Business Card
Facebook Business Page
Website in Kajabi


- downloadable freebie
- emails - set up an email for first email
- online courses
- funnel
- setup with calendly to setup for discovery calls 

Step 1 Free Discovery Call 

The first step is to find out if we’re a good match! We can either talk on the phone or on a Zoom meeting to chat about your business, your vision, and how we can help you make it reality.

Step 2 Preliminaries

After the discovery call I will type up a customized proposal that includes what services you will need and once you agree to it, sign it , mail it back to me and pay half deposit.

Step 3 Collaboration and Brainstorm

I will send you a form to fill out so I have a better understanding of you, your business and what you want to see on the website. This is perfect for asking any questions you may have, going over your worksheet, and bouncing ideas back and forth. We will discuss what pages will be included in your website, what colors will be used and design ideas that may work with your website to make it your own brand. We will discuss what you can give away as a downloadable freebie in order to collect emails, and if what your online courses should be so i can insert it into the site. 

Step 4 Design Phase

I’ll then present you the designed website and you’ll get the chance to give feedback and comments. This goes back and forth in the revision process until we reach the perfect final result.

Step 5 Final

With everything completed, we’ll do one final overview to make sure there are no mistakes or typos and everything is working as it should. We’ll ask you to do the same! Then once it’s all ready to go, we’ll send over the final invoice and prep the final files. With the final balance paid, it’s time for launch! 

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