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Are you ready to let the world know your name?

Exhausted from the constant struggle of promoting yourself or your business, wishing you had the same marketing knowledge as professional companies?

Have you been agonizing over launching your product, book or service? Are you finally finished and ready for the world to binge on your brilliance? Then tell your audience to buckle up and get ready because I have the perfect game plan for you to shine.

Welcome to The Erin Network!

I’ve been taking products and people to the number one spot for almost 20 years. Ever heard of The View, Barbara Walters Specials, Rosie O’Donnell and Good Morning America? That’s my world! I did it for them and now it’s your turn. 

Let’s do this! Learn More button SCHEDULE A FREE CALL WITH ERIN Book a complimentary 20 minute media consultation with Erin that captivates the media and your tribe’s heart. 

The truth is there are many, many paths to powerful visibility but you have to know how to get through the gatekeepers first. You've probably heard that PR is a game of "who knows who" but it's not just the media. Marketing, messaging, and even social media have rules, expectations, and requirements normally kept mum by Industry Experts - but that ends now.

I've produced for some of the biggest stages and most recognizable screens you know. I've backed up star power and watched phenomenons on the rise - I know what it takes. And like a magician who boldly, bravely reveals the mechanism up his sleeve, I'm ready to show you the tips and tricks generally guarded behind a $5k monthly price point. Visibility Secrets: Revealed! AKA Erin On Demand is for the ambitious DIYer who is ready for their moment in the spotlight but knows they'll need support to get there. Let's tear down the barriers standing between you and becoming "known," together.

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