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These packages are created with you in mind. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses with creating the ordinary into extraordinary.  I am a creative problem solver with the ability to re-imagine something new.  I customize your projects so the end results are expressing your brand and attracting your target audience!


Package 1:

Starter Package

 This package is for business owners starting your business: 

  • Primary Logo 

  • Secondary Logo 

  • Logos in all formats that you will need for digital and print materials 

  • favicon for your website url. 


or Promtional Ads 

or social media design templates specific to your brand 

Starting at $500.00+ 


Package 2
Level Up Package

 Logo + Brand Guide 

Ideal for brands and businesses that are looking to create a unified look that will help you scale with consistency and strong brand presence 

Primary Logo 

Secondary Logo 

Logos in all formats that you will need for digital and print materials 

Favicon for your website url 

Brand Guide 


Brand colors for your business 

Brand patterns 

Brand Board 

Merchandise designs 

Mission Statement 

Who your target audience is 


Starting at $2,500.00+

Package 3
Growth Package

 Branding + Website + Social Media 

For brands ready for strong growth from their established grounds. A brand strategy that gives you a clear path forward to reaching your target audience. 

  • Primary Logo 

  • Secondary Logo 

  • Logos in all formats 

  • favicon for your website url 

  • Brand Guide 

  • Brand colors for your business 

  • Brand patterns 

  • Brand Board 

  • Mission Statement 

  • Define your target audience 


Website- Website will be designed on agreed platform that best suits your business needs. 

Social Media started on Facebook & Instagram 

4 templates 

testimonials post 


Service/Products posts 

General posts 


Oversize 7x5” postcard 

Starting at $6,000.00+ 


The Process

If you love my style of design, let’s talk about collaborating on your
brand design!

one .jpeg

To Begin the Process

We will schedule a discovery call and discuss your business, vision and business goals and how we can accomplish these goals through your logo, brand colors, website and social media. A contract will be sent and once you sign and deposit is paid, we start your process.


The Production

You will fill out a Brand Questionnaire that will help guide us through to create your brand.  This will help clarify your business help you understand who your target audience is, what message you want relay etc. We will start with creating your logo. Once we finalize the logo, I will send you all the different formats you will need and all the different color combinations. Brand colors will be created and the Mood Board is also part of the brand strategy.  A branding guide will be created for you.


The Delivery

We will discuss what platform your website will be on and strategy for your online presence. Every client is different.  We will design the website showcasing your unique business and personality, and incorporate the content on each page. We will have a meeting for site training after the website is up.I will teach you how to insert photos and text and navigate through the back end of your website.

Are you ready to invest in your brand?


We’ll work with you to create and develop a brand perfect for your business.



She really listened to me and came up with the branding that was absolutely perfect.

When I started my business I had a concept in mind but I didn’t know how to bring it to life. Kristine was able to come up with the logo that clearly represented my idea. It was exactly what I was looking for. She sat down with me & discussed my thoughts on what I wanted to portray.


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