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I started my business a while ago and I remembered feeling completely overhwhelmed. I will need a logo, website, business card, social media and marketing. What do I do first? Not knowing web design I created a website and it felt great! But no one was looking at it. I wasn’t getting any leads, emails or phone calls! Over the years I learned you need a strategy and there’s so many factors that go into your website and social media.

Anybody can put up a website but attracting your target audience and selling your products or services is what you want with your business. You need the clients so you can pay your bills.


It has made huge difference in my business when it is all done correctly. I have gone through what doesn’t work and what works. I bring all this knowledge to the table so you can create a business that succeeds. 

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About Me...

I'm the Founder of Yellow Dog Designs.

When you work with me, I’m not just your designer for the start of your business, but will continue to help you as your business flourishes. I promise to get your branding and website off your plate and your message into your ideal clients radars!

I am a creative, problem-solving, imaginative designer with the ability to reimagine something new, turning ordinary into extraordinary. If you’re as passionate about your business as I am about design and marketing, let’s work together!

I have over twenty years of design and  Art Director experience.  My design background includes websites, books and magazine publishing, consumer and pharmaceutical advertising.

Some of the brands I've worked for include: Bristol Myers Squibb Oncology, Forest Laboratories, Johnny Walker Scotch, Crayola Crayons, MoMA, Tate Gallery, Kennedy Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Disney.

I studied design and illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, and then ventured to NYC to experience the big city.

Eventually I crossed over the bridge into New Jersey where I reside with my husband, two children and a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Maverick.

Yellow Dog Designs was named after two yellow labs, Oscar and Bailey who once ruled the household. Now Maverick rules the kingdom whereas his brother, Rocky, recently joined to play with Oscar and Bailey.  Maverick has fine taste in food and has no shame in eating off your plate…

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