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Inside the Style Studio
Branding Photoshoot

Elevate Your Brand &
Self Image

Inside the Style Studio has everything you need for a Brand Photoshoot


Inside the Style Studio, creativity knows no bounds. From the selection of backdrops that set the stage, to the diverse wardrobe choices that define the character, and the skilled makeup and hair artisans who bring it all to life, the studio is a haven for those who wish to explore the depths of their personal style and express it with confidence.


What is it and what does it include?
Brand portfolio photoshoots give you a library of relevant personalized images that showcase your brand, your style, brand personality, and message of what you do. It creates a visual storyline of your brand in a way that connects with your audience. We'll capture shots for use on your website and social media, plus materials for marketing & PR. 

Vital to a successful brand photo session is the Pre-consult call where we will discuss your brand, your visions and key elements that should be designed into your photoshoot to bring the whole picture together with clarity and style.

Monica Djeu Hahn

Monica Djeu Hahn, Inside the Style Studio

For Brand Strategy & Development


• Brand Consults & Evaluations

• Building Your BUSINESS PLAN


• Marketing & Design Services

• Business Startup Program

Pre-Consult Call

We'll discuss your brand and design specifics to create the visual storyline that will envelope what your brand photoshoot will be about. 30-45 min.

• 4 wardrobe looks

• Headshots, half & full body shots

• In-Studio 

• On-Location options

Depending on your profession, we may choose a location to shoot at such as your office, a coffee shop, resort backdrop, corporate setting, etc

• Brand Props and Accessories

Using the right brand props & accessories are foundational elements to telling the story of what you do and what your brand is about

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