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Summit Speakers

If you're starting your business or leveling up your business, we are here to help you take that first step towards your dreams.... 

Jeanne McPhillips with Supergirlls

I wrote a book and it is called "Be your own hero."  It's all about inspiring and empowering college girls and young alums to launch into life because in college, we learned so much. I love my collegiate experiences. I had two of them because I have an undergraduate degree from William and Mary business and then I got my MBA from Wharton. I learned a ton. But I think the biggest thing that you learned from those experiences is how the network is going to help you in your future. The network is your net worth..."

Jeannine Deramo

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Jeannine Deramo from Peace and Plenty

"I am a certified health coach. certified life coach certified Intuitive Eating counselor and transformative coach meaning that I really do work with my clients on and this is where a lot of mindset comes in. Digging into where our limiting beliefs were rooted and doing the work to reprogram our brains and re imprint and you know, change those neurological pathways to start thinking about things a little bit differently..."

Jennifer Urezzio from Soul Language

"I help put tangibility to soul and the soul of a business. Why do you want that? Because we are putting consciousness which is wholeness and completeness and goodness in everything we do versus pain and struggle which is unconscious. So you really want to have a system or structure to understand how to book consciousness and everything you do. So what I do is I help highly creative people, create movements, that's 100 year businesses, people who want to be a big service, people who want to be on stage people. Who want to use their voice. I help them really create a movement by going internal and then creating the external strategy. as well..."

Jessica Spillane


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Jessica Spillane from Evolve Your Studio.

"I have been the owner of a brick and mortar Pilates studio for about 22 years now. And I have a teacher training program in addition to running private and semi private and I had multiple locations at one time. I am pleased that I am now have shrunk back down to my original size, which has been a very nice adjustment after having been a very large facility for so many years. COVID helped me kind of get back to my roots which has been nice And it's been a wonderful ride"

Julianne Cantarella


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“5 Things You Should Know To Make Dating Easier”

Julianna Cantarella

"And my husband came home with a an ad from a startup company in Manhattan and it was actually a matchmaking company and they were looking only to hire social workers to be their matchmakers. And they're dating coaches. And I was like, really? And he said, you know, just go on the interview. It'll be fun. It's different. And I'm like, Yeah, and I actually had several matches to my credit already friends, who kind of pushed and matched. And I went on the interview like got the job and passion was born. I loved helping people find love. I know what it's like to have a loving, caring relationship...."

Mariel Alvarado

SOULidify Your Business With Mariel

Mariel Alvarado

"A lot of my clients know me as the business Alchemist and I am a business coach. But I help entrepreneurs new and seasoned entrepreneurs really become the most self expressed version of themselves and I also help them set up sales systems like funnels systems that that can help them get clients. But, you know, a big part of what I do is really helping them be the most self expressed version of themselves get visible, whether it's on camera, or it's on a podcast or it's on stage..."

Mary Massey


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Mary Massey

"I'm a Life Coach to female entrepreneurs and help them not only with everything that has to do with their lifestyle, but also their entrepreneurial endeavors, being their presence online, the confidence that they need to show up intentionally and more effectively in the systems that are also required for them to be able to run a successful business online and offline...."

Michelle Harris with MHarris  Studios

"I had the camera and my brother was like hey, can you shoot my wedding in my backyard? And I was like, Sure. And I fell in love with it. Like I fell in love with taking pictures of people who are in love. And when I first started and got into everything, I couldn't find anyone who looked like me to teach me how to do photography. Then I started taking all these courses and just dove into it and I quit my job. After 10 months and never looked back...."

Monica Hahn

Inside the Style Studio
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Monica Hahn with Inside the Style Studio 

"I'm so excited to hear what you and all your other speakers have to contribute as well. You know, any kind of small business growing business. We grow the fastest and the best when we're open minded to hear how others have done it. What their journeys have been like, you know the hurdles they've gotten over how they got over them. so thank you for letting me share today and also letting me experience what others have gone through so that I can learn more to you so much for...."

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